Types of Hard Drive failure Modes

There are various ways in which your hard drive may fail; these situations are usually known as failure modes and identifying the failure and its cause is known as failure determination. Head Crash is one of the most common way in which your hard drive can fail.

In fact, the head crash is an ‘airline disaster’ of hard drive world; it is dramatic, feared, and well-known. Such disaster leads to any sort of data loss and require Data Recovery solutions to be handled.

Some common types of hard drive failure are:

  1. Logical Failure: These include hard drive data structure corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, file system corruption, operating system malfunction, and accidental deletion. If there is a logical failure, then your critical data becomes inaccessible and you encounter significant data loss situations.
  2. Mechanical Failure: These include the physical component failure mostly due to actuator arm or spindle motor which causes excessive heat, motor burnout, stuck bearings, and vibration.
  3. Read/Write Head Failures: These include head contamination, head manufacturing defects, improper flying height, bad wiring among logical board and head, and exuberant read/write errors. All these failure situations comprise a high percentage of total number of disk failures.
  4. Firmware or Logic Board Failure: They are related to the integrated circuit board of the hard drive, its chips, circuits, other components, and firmware (software routines) that runs it.
  5. Media Failure: This category of issues relates to difficulty with hard drive platters and magnetic media, servo operation, formatting, and more. It includes the hard drives, which fail due to poor handling, read/write errors, low-level formatting errors, and scratches on media surface.

Nevertheless the failure mode and failure determination, ultimate result is some sort of data loss. In such situations, backup proves a real help. However, if the backup is not available, you need to opt for Data Recovery methods to extract lost data.

In case of logical failure, you can get your data back in a quick and easy way through Data Recovery Software. On the other hand, mechanical failure, media failure, firmware failure, and read/write head failure like circumstances need special assistance from Data Recovery Service professionals, to be sorted out.

Source : TRCB


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